[KBW 2019-D.FINE] David Chaum “Blockchain is getting attention because of metadata protection”

[KBW] David Chaum Founder of Elixxir &Praxxis Picture=Dong-il Seo Photographer
David Chaum, founder of Elixxir & Praxxis, Said “”Information control is a bigger problem than money, and that’s why we’re looking at blockchain technology.” at 2019 Korea Blockchain Week(KBW2019)’s main conference D.FINE held at Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas in Teheran-ro, Seoul on Oct. 1

David Chaum is a computer scientist and cryptologist. He developed and commercialized ecash, the first commercial cryptocurrency aimed at ensuring transaction anonymity.

Chaum particularly emphasized the protection of metadata. Metadata is structured data that allows access to other data. He Said “”A lot of information is stealing our privacy” “What’s more frightening is that this information takes control of our society as a whole, such as being abused to manipulate our political opinions”

Chaum Said At the meeting, he also introduced new Cryptocurrency ‘Praxxis’, which is applied with Quantum-Resistant encryption technology. “Praxxis was designed to achieve the Peer to Peer(P2P) pursued by Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto” “We expect the White Paper to be released by the end of this year” He added.